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E-Safety and Our School

Hello my name is Mr Ward and I am the school's Think You Know E-Safety Trainer. If you have any concerns or questions regarding E-Safety please do not hesitate to get in touch during school hours. Following the success of our E-Safety Week, we are well into the E-Safety calendar for the school year. We will continue for the rest of the school year to encourage the children to be safe in the online world. We strive to ensure the children of Fosse Way have the knowledge to stay safe online both in school and at home.

Note - We have the CEOP panic button on our website, bottom right corner, please use this button responsibly. If you wish to know more about it just ask a member of staff.

Useful Websites:

New for 2016 The Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine. Click link below.

The link below will take you to an install page where you can install the CEOP Internet Explorer / Google Chrome / Firefox add on toolbar: