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Wrap around care

We offer our own high quality wrap around childcare here at Fosse Way Academy running from 8am until 6pm each term day.  Wrap around care consists of a breakfast club and an after school club which is broken into two sessions; an early twilight and a late twilight.  These sessions include a healthy breakfast and a snack tea.  As we believe that it is important that children develop independence and life skills, when possible, the children will help in the preparation and making of their own food as well as clearing away after themselves. 

The wrap around care is led by our own Fosse Way staff and is split into two groups;

Breakfast care; our Nursery and Reception come together in our Nursery for their care and Years 1 - 6 come together in the Gym for theirs. 

Afterschool care; Nursery, Reception and Years 1 - 2 come together in our Nursery for their care and Years 3 - 6 together for their care in the junior part of school.

The children have access to a range of appropriate activities during their time in wrap around care.  We are very lucky to have some fantastic facilities at Fosse Way and are excited to be able to utilise these during the sessions.


We are also able to take short notice bookings on the day, however for early and late twilight sessions booked on the day there is a cut off time of 10am if you wish your child to have a snack tea as these have to be pre-ordered.  Your child may still attend if booked in after 10am however there is no guarantee we can provide them with a meal.

Pricing structure for 2017 - 2018:

Breakfast (8am to 9am) - £4.00 per session

Early twilight (school finish time until 5pm) - £6.00 per session

Late twilight (school finish time till 6pm) - an additional £4.00 per session on top of the early twilight fee

Full wraparound (breakfast, early and late twilight on the same day) - discounted rate of £12.00 per day

A minimum of seven calendar days notice is required to cancel any booked sessions whether made on the booking form, by email, verbally etc.  Less than seven days notice will mean payment will still be required.

Late fees apply, please see the care contract for further details.

Nursery lunchtime care

If your child is attending both a morning and an afternoon nursery session on the same day you will automatically be charged a £3.00 childcare fee for the lunchtime session.  This does not include a meal.  Please either bring your child a packed lunch or order a hot meal from our lunchtime provider, Good Lookin Cookin.


If you would like your child to attend our wrap around care please fill out the booking form and return to the school office by the closing date given.