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Sports Premium Funding 2016/2017

Approximate Funding Allocation: = £8000 lump sum plus £5 per child

= £10,600 

Our funding is being used to employ Multi-Sports Pro, a specialist Sports Coaching company, whose staff work with our teachers each afternoon to deliver lessons. In this way, the teachers receive training and the pupils receive excellent tuition. Our teachers take notes and photograph or video the lessons so that the good practice is shared between all members of the teaching team.

MSP Cost per afternoon session: = £75

5 sessions per week x 35 weeks: = £13,125

 The academy also subsidises after-school clubs by allowing them to operate free of charge, thereby reducing the cost which is passed on to parents. This also enables community access and improves the available sports provision locally. We have clubs for Multi-Sports on Mondays and Thursdays, Deano’s Soccer Academy runs an after-school club on Friday and we run a martial arts class on a Thursday. We also have a Street Dance Club on Mondays run by the Spotlight Dance Studio.

Subsidised lettings fees per session: = £10

5 sessions per week x 35 weeks: = £1750

Fees for entry to sports competitions and festivals = £550

Transport to competitions and festivals = £250


Clearly, this is more than we receive as an academy in Sports Premium Funding, but Fosse Way Governors acknowledge the beneficial impact of quality sports provision within our balanced curriculum, on-going professional development and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle to our pupils.

The Academy delivers several free after school clubs involving a variety of sports which change according to the time of year and the weather conditions, ranging from Yoga to Badminton to Tag Rugby.

The school also takes part in several competitive sports events including football, multi-sports, hockey, tag rugby, kwik-cricket and swimming. We use our sports premium funding to pay for entry fees and to cover the costs of transport to these events when coaches are necessary.

In the Summer Term 2016 a total of 157 children were actively engaged in after school sports provision at Fosse Way Academy. This equates to approximately 5500 sessions per year which we support.

The Academy has invested in an outside Gym that the Key Stage 2 pupils can use during playtimes and lunchtimes. This encourages children to remain fit and active and makes children mindful of the importance of health and exercise.

In the Autumn Term of 2016 the school will become a Bike Hub. As part of this initiative we will hold a stock of quality off road bikes which will be used for the Bikeability scheme which aims to train children to cycle safely on the roads. The bikes will also be used by our children for after school biking clubs as well as during PE lessons. Our local Sustrans and BikeIt officer will lead these sessions. The bikes and school grounds will also be available for community use during Go Ride sessions out of school hours. This will be an exciting new development with the aims of encouraging a fit and active lifestyle whilst championing the use of sustainable transport. When this scheme is up and running, we anticipate another 25 children will benefit each week from free sports activities from within our school. Many other people from the local community will also benefit.

Evidence of the success of our Sports Premium Funding can be found not only in the number of sporting opportunities that we offer, but also in the data collected by the local authority as part of the National Child Measurement Programme. In the 2016 summary of results for our school, the proportion of Reception children that were measured and classed as being in the 'obese' bracket was 9.5% - the same as the Lincolnshire Local Authority proportion as a whole (National 9.1%). However, by the time that the children were measured in Year 6, the proportion in the 'obese' bracket was 15.1% in school whilst the LA level had risen to 19.3% (National 19.1%). This shows that the children in our school benefit from the messages we give them about the importance of fitness, healthy lifestyle choices and a good mixed diet.