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Every Child Matters

Our school ethos and environment promotes a healthy lifestyle. We encourage this by making sure children have plenty of fruit and access to water throughout the day. Children's understanding of healthy eating is developed through the Science curriculum and children have many opportunities to prepare and taste delicious food in lessons.

Healthy bodies need lots of fun, sport and exercise. The children have an opportunity to develop this through the PE curriculum which includes swimming, dance, athletics, gymnastics and games. In addition to the PE curriculum many children enjoy a range of other out of school sport activities including netball club, football club, dance club and some organised multi-sport activities. We are also a Lincolnshire Bike Hub and offer cycling activities as part of our PE curriculum.

We aim to enable every child to have a positive attitude about themselves and to develop a caring and respectful attitude towards others and the environment. We value and recognise positive behaviour and celebrate this frequently. Children are encouraged to take on responsibilities and make a real contribution to the life of the school. All children have an opportunity to discuss important issues in class and their views are represented through the the School's Council. Children have the opportunity to become Play Leaders, Junior Road Safety Officers, Junior Police Cadet School Officers and Digital Leaders.

We aim to promote children's learning in the outdoor environment and the school has worked hard to develop the outside classrooms and the school grounds. The children have been involved in selecting and developing lots of outdoor activities including a climbing wall, areas for planting and imaginative play.