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WELCOME to Fosse Way Academy

Thank you for taking an interest in our school. We are proud to be able to offer education to children from three years of age through to 11. Fosse Way Academy is a special place where all children, parents and staff work together as part of a happy learning community. We take care to ensure that families and children receive a warm welcome and that all pupils make an excellent start to their education - no matter when your child joins the school.

We have a large staff team who are all committed to helping each child make the best possible progress. We use many strategies to support learning. These include providing support for individual children and group work. We aim to ensure our children enjoy and achieve in all areas of their personal, social and academic education and have a pride in themselves and their school.

We offer our pupils the full range of activities as prescribed by the National Curriculum but we like to think that we go much further than that - we offer children the opportunity to join clubs, to represent their school in inter-school matches, to enjoy out-of-school visits and to link with schools abroad and, for some children, to take part in a residential trip.

We plan trips that support learning and provide new experiences and in order for them to take place we ask you to make the voluntary contribution that covers transport and any other costs. School does not make a profit on these trips.

We know that reading together at home is both valuable and fun so we hope all children will read with you each evening. Children are given homework tasks each week that are an extension to lessons or an opportunity to investigate and research at their own level.

We hope that as children get older you will encourage them to take responsibility for their own homework and complete it to a high standard and return it on time.

Each day we hold an act of collective worship, either as an assembly or in the classroom. This is non denominational and mainly Christian in content. On occasions assemblies are led by visitors to school or members of local churches. If you would prefer your child not to take part in assemblies or religious education lessons please make a request in writing and this will always be respected.

Sex education is taught sensitively in the context of health education and taking into account the age of the children. A more formal sex education programme is run for children in Y6. Please talk to us about this when your child reaches Y6 so that you can decide whether you are happy for your child to take part.

We want your child to enjoy their time at Fosse Way Academy and we are sure that they will experience many exciting learning opportunities.