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Our Vision of Education at Fosse Way Academy


Fosse Way Academy is a special place to grow and learn and we all take great pride in being part of it. Children are happy to be here; motivated to do well by caring, inspirational teachers and engaged in our rich and creative curriculum. Our stimulating and nurturing environment supports learning, allowing children to flourish.

Children in our school will have a love of reading, a love of art, a love of learning, a love of sport. They will make mistakes without the fear of being wrong, secure in the knowledge that this is how real learning happens.

Before leaving us, Fosse Way children will have grown something from a seed, getting their hands dirty in the soil. They will have received applause after performing in front of a crowd. They will have tasted food cooked by their own hands. They will have taken part in democracy and developed pride in their community. Our children will have shown respect for all and spoken out at injustice. They will have asked a million questions, and have a million more to ask. They will have been a good friend, a good listener, a good role model. 

Our children will take these experiences and values with them out into the world, ready to make it a better place to be. Our children will be ready to make the best of themselves, ready to fulfil their potential.