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Fosse Way Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our Curriculum has been developed using the principles from the Focus Education Learning Challenge Curriculum which meets the requirements of the New National Curriculum for England (2014). Each aspect has been created to involve, enthuse and challenge our children.

The Learning Challenge concept ensures greater child involvement in their work. It requires deep thinking and encourages children to work using a question as a starting point.

When designing this curriculum, teachers and children use a prime learning challenge question as a starting point. Pre-learning tasks ensure that children are directly involved in the planning process and highlight what they already know, misconceptions, gaps in knowledge and areas of interests. Using the information gained from pre-learning tasks as well as our school’s context, a series of subsidiary challenge questions are planned.

Essential knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as relevant National Curriculum requirements, are woven into all aspects of learning and are taught progressively across the curriculum with a suitable level of challenge. English, Maths and ICT skills are applied across the curriculum whenever it is appropriate to do so.

Learner reflection and self-assessment is central to the whole process and is a valuable opportunity for children to apply and enhance oracy skills. This can involve personal reflections, sharing learning with other children as well as our finales to families and other year groups.

If you have any questions regarding our curriculum, we will happily answer them. You can speak to any member of teaching staff, Mr Coupland or Mr Cowling.

Click on the relevant links below to learn more about curriculum content and assessment criteria in each year group: